Social Justice

For us social issues cannot be separated from the question of peace. A fair distribution of the wealth of society boosts the satisfaction of its members verifiably, heightens the identification and willingness to get involved and decreases the willingness to use violence. 

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Understanding how people live and meeting their needs correspondingly - the Peruvian sociologist Nury Garcia has been successful in this area. She has made it possible for working children to receive a school education, advises beaten women and mediates in a conflict...Weiterlesen

Widows committed to helping widows. The Rwandan organization AVEGA offers women and children psychological support, health care, legal advice and work opportunities. Weiterlesen

The Nigerian industrial engineer, Adetoun Küppers – Adebisi, follows her goal with great courage and perseverance, and that is one of a peaceful society based on equality, free from ethnic, religious and gender-specific discrimination.Weiterlesen

In the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, the non-governmental organization SINANI campaigns for a peaceful resolution of the conflicts in the townships. Their methods have also spread beyond the borders of South Africa, for example regarding the Roma in Hungary. Weiterlesen

From September 1973 until March 1990 the military dictatorship of general Pinochet ruled Chile. Even though Chile has a democratic government, the effects of the dictatorship have left psychological traces, which can be found sometimes in the third generation of the...Weiterlesen

Wolfgang Kessler heads the "Politics and Society" department of the magazine "Publik Forum". The unmistakable socio-ethical profile of this astoundingly successful press project, in the cause of "justice, peace and integrity of creation" is not least due to his work. Weiterlesen

Sister Weronika Sakowska brought hope to the refugees in Rwanda. She helped setting up health care, nutrition centers and schools in order to give people a new perspective beyond that of war and violence.Weiterlesen